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Sparkwithlark is pleased to announce the latest acquisition of a classic and all-favorite Breitling Superocean line – Heritage A17320 46mm.

The Heritage line dates back to the 1950s when Breitling pioneered two functionalities – diving and leisure sport, to create the versatile series that remain popular among Breitling fans even today.

At SparkwithLark, we are more excited by value for money, value retention and growth prospect than it’s fashion or horological heritage. This 2010 edition had an MSRP of $5,600 CAD (in 2010 dollars), but can be had for 50c on the dollar today!

Not only that, but the SOH has steadily risen in value according to global market data from Chrono24 as seen in the chart below. A $2,000 investment in a pre-owned SOH in 2010 was worth $3,000 in 2021, equating to an average 4.54% annual growth, not factoring in inflation. That is a decent ROI for a luxury good, which typically have a large depreciation factor rather than a growth factor. Can you say the same about your FitBit watch!

SparkwithLark is Canada’s premier luxury and alternative asset advisory firm specializing in watches in exotic cars. We have advise individual buyers, private investors, wealth funds, and trusts on how to buy the right asset at the right price. If you need help selling your watch or just curious about current valuation, send an email to for complimentary analysis.

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