One of the common things we find at SparkwithLark exotic consultancy is the lack of attention to fine details from private sellers on their high end vehicles. While most sellers love their exotics and have spent good money owning and caring for one, they tend to disregard the important of photos when it comes to selling it to audience. While individuals who are saavy with taking photos can take quality pics on a mobile device or DSLR, the touch of a professional really makes the images pop. A typical shoot can cost anywhere from few hundred to few thousand dollars depending on the intensity required. SparkwithLark recommends spending not more than $300-$500 on a shoot and one of the critical shots must of a rolling shot (more on that on future post).

It is very important to showcase your listing with pro pics because photos is the first thing that your audience (potential buyer) is going to see. With several listings to compete against, your quality image will certainly attract the right eyeballs. Also, higher quality images typically equates to passionate owner which in turns means likelihood of getting higher dollar on sale.

For tips or advice on the style of images for car pics, contact us for a free 15-min consultation at
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Audi RS5 Photos courtesy of Donovan Wagner Photography of Calgary, Alberta


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