Montblanc Timewalker Chrono 44mm

The House of Montblanc is famous for its pens and carrying bags, but not for watches to the average person. It will surprise many to know that Montblanc has a rich history in Swiss horology for making one of the finest timepieces, albeit at the lower end of the price point. While most Montblanc watches retail under $10,000 CAD, as a smart watch collector, you MUST NOT ever buy one at retail or MSRP. The reason is while these are fantastic watches, it just does not have the brand panache in the likes of Omega, Breitling or Panerai. However, a pre-owned gently used Montblanc, like the one features here will be available at fraction of the cost at retailer, making it an excellent value hold in your collection. It is also ideal for passing as a gift to someone since it does have a higher brand reputation than traditional “mall watches” in the likes of Longines, Movado or Tissot (SparkwithLark does not endorse or collect these brands).



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