Tag Heuer Aquaracer Two Tone

The Aquaracer is one of the most popular and longest running series within the TAG family and in almost any popular watch brand itself. Originally designed to be a diver’s watch, it has manifested in various forms to be a versatile watch that comes in bracelet, straps, and PVD. The two-tone yellow gold with stainless as featured in this article appeals to those who like to carry some weight on their wrist and have something bit showy without the hefty price tag of a Rolex Datejust. Although MSRP of this watch is well north of $6,000 CAD, a clean pre-owned Aquaracer two-tone can be easily had for less than $2,900 and the value essentially holds at the low to mid $3,000 price tag in the after market.

If you have been searching from something bit flashy yet not gauche at a modest price which will not depreciate over time since precious metals rarely do, this two-tone offered exclusively at SparkwithLark is the right one for you.


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