Canadian Exotic Car Market Update Q1, 2021

– After a dull Q4 2020 period, Spring Fever has hit the used car market in Canada, and Exotics is no exception. Most buyers are from US (dealers) and domestic spending is also up. Dealers cannot replace inventory so not moving on price much regardless of how long it has been sitting.

-Pockets of hackable deals do exist. Requires Patience, Perseverance, Preparation in order find those opportunities

-IF a vehicle has SOLD, it does not mean it has SOLD. It may pop up under a different listing by another Dealer or same private seller. So always reach out to the seller even it no longer listed as sometimes deals fall through

-Ontario and Quebec have largest inventory of Exotics, though they are driven more miles than Average. BC tends to have lower miles but for some strange reason, have damage claims on Carfax.

-Federal Govt announced a Luxury tax from 2022 on new vehicles over $100,000. If this passes, expect a surge in demand in the pre-owned exotic market

-AMG GTS, Porsche 911, Audi R8 (exotic) and Jaguar Ftype, Maserati Granturismo (luxury) are HOT. Average list time is under 30 days before its gone. Surprisingly, the BMW I8 in exotic hybrid market is doing well and coming off the vacuum cleaner aisles. But expect a price drop on the I8s as more inventory hits the market.


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