How to love the square Watch – Bell & Ross Unwound

Using the child development analogy for the horology world, the Bell & Ross brand is just a toddler learning its way to be the precautious preschooler but still very cute. The iconic brand has held its own among giants in the industry simply by doing two things very well – making the square shaped caseback (the crystal face is still round) and making it at a relatively affordable price point.

While most watch brands focus on creating variations based on complications (movements), design, limited series, or special editions, B&R mostly keeps the casing design constant with minor variations. Where it does switch things up is with straps, colors, and materials (ceramic vs. stainless). For shoe aficionados, this is the John Fluevog of the horology world!

While the square design or the bulkiness of this watch is not for everyone, it definitely has a strong cult status among watch fans. In Canada this brand has not reached the level of popularity of Omega or Breitling, it certainly has its loyalists among the street-stylists and fashionistas.

For recommendations on pairing the right B&R to fit your lifestyle, you can and our concierge service will gladly shortlist a few options within your budget.

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